Payment Options on Online Casinos

  • Jul 22, 2021

If you've played in the brick and mortar casinos, you definitely know that you can simply deposit cash with the dealer and you are good to start playing. But how do you do this online? Find out here,

Are online payment options safe?

There are people who are afraid of making payments online due to the fear of falling prey to the scammers and hackers. If you share similar sentiments, your fears are justified as indeed many have lost their funds online.

Nonetheless, if you choose the right credible payment option, you will be safe from the fraudsters. The best payment options employed by casinos have watertight security measures and there's zero chance of losing your money.

Can I use credit cards or debit cards to pay in a casino?

Yes you can. Credit cards and debit cards rank among the best payment options that are available for online customers. Therefore if you would like to make payments to a casino, these options will prove handy.

There are also many card options to explore when making online payments. Visa is the most popular and most widely accepted debit and credit card. Also, if you use MasterCard, you can also use it. Alternatively, use American Express.

Can I use e-wallets as a payment option?

Yes. Actually e-wallets are among the best payment options that you will find online. There are many options to explore if you opt for the e-wallets. You can use PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz / EcoCard and many others.

Many are worried that e-wallets are insecure since they do not have a physical presence. This is a wrong misconception as e-wallets are highly regulated in the same manner as the conventional banking options. Your info is also safe.

Are there offline banking options?

If you still feel that the e-wallets option are not quite secure, there is the option of offline banking option. You can actually transfer funds from your main bank account to the casino and also even withdrawal to the bank.

Some of the offline banking options that you can explore include bank checks, bank wire and bank drafts. Also, you can opt to receive your winnings via MoneyGram or Western Union. Offline banking is nonetheless not instant as e-wallets.

Can I use any cryptocurrency on online casinos?

Crypto is the newest form of payment that is becoming widely accepted in many establishments. If you are a fan of cryptocurrency and you intend to make payments, this is also allowed by a majority of sites.

The cryptocurrencies options are numerous but unfortunately aren't accepted on many online casinos as a payment option. Many however, accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. If your funds are in another form, you may have to convert it to these two.

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